How is Habit Toothpaste Absorbed?

How it works:

Habit Toothpaste utilizes unique absorption methods through the mouth and gums. These processes are called buccal and sublingual absorption. The benefits of these are that the nutrients in Habit Toothpaste bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. This means that the nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, causing a much more potent effect, even when using less of a particular ingredient versus other methods of absorption. Our unique absorption methods boast a wide variety of benefits, making Habit Products a safe, simple, and effective way to optimize your days.

Habit Toothpaste Absorption Methods:

Sublingual Absorption:
Sublingual is Latin for “under the tongue”, which refers to any absorption done under the tongue. The nutrients are absorbed into tissues and rapidly carried into the bloodstream.

Buccal Absorption:
Buccal Absorption involves the absorption through your gums and cheek. The gums and cheek are home to many blood vessels, allowing the nutrients to be rapidly absorbed.

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